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St.George PAyment Gateway

NSW Plans, Maps and Aerial Photos

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Provides images of Deposited Plans (DPs), Strata Plans (SPs) and Crown Plans (CP). The Plan number is also identified as the Title Diagram on a Title Search (or Certificate of Title). You may specify a Plan subtype if required.

Aerial Photos with Boundaries

Aerial Photographs with boundaries are available for the following areas:

•NSW (Sydney only)
•VIC (Melbourne only)
•SA (Adelaide only)
•QLD (Brisbane, Redlands, Ipswich, Gold Coast, Maroochy and Noosa)

Maps are produced in as 10cm x [email protected] 150 dpi - Imagery Only

NSW Cadastral Reference Maps

Provide a lot /plan to view a list of maps relevant to the property. You may then order maps from this list. These maps must be consulted for notation information prior to 2002. For information post-2002, please conduct a CRE (Cadastral Records Enquiry) search.

Property Boundary Mapping

Property Boundary Mapping